Tirtha Yatra

The whole modern city of Vrindavana was established originally with these seven important temples, started by different Goswamis. And later on, many kings and princes started their own temples and thus the present Vrindavana is now full with small and big 5000 temples. These temples are considered as the authorized institutions of Gaudiya Vaishnavas.

Walking few minutes away on the street, from the temple of Sri Radha-ramana, one comes to the temple of Sri Gokulananda. After reaching the temple one needs to cross the courtyard (a lush green garden) and then enter the main hall in front of the altar. This temple has a very calm environment.

This temple was established by Srila Lokanatha Goswami and houses the Deities of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (on the left of the altar), Sri Sri Radha Vinoda (In the centre), Sri Sri Radha Vijaya Govinda (on the right), Sri Gokulananda (in front), and the…

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