Sri Gaura Das Babaji flower seva for Sri Lalaji at Nandagram

Around the Bengali year 1300, Sri Gaura Das Babaji was performing bhajan in Sri Sanatan Goswami’s bhajan kutir at Pavan Sarovar, in Sri Nandagram.  He came to be well known as a siddha purush.  He used to bring flowers from Gazipur, near Prem Sarovar, and make garlands for Sri Lalaji.  It was through this flower seva that he attained the grace of Sri Krishna.  After five or six years of doing this seva, this feeling came into his heart, that, “Till now I have done flower seva for Sri Lalaji, but he has not shown any compassion toward me.  Sri Krishnachandra’s heart is a bit hard.  Srimati Vrishabhanunandini’s heart, however, is made of pure mercy. If I had been doing Sri Ji’s flower seva all this time, she definitely would have had mercy on me.  Today I will go to Barsana.  I won’t stay here anymore.”  That afternoon he tied his patchwork blanket, etc. onto his back and just before sunset, he set out across the fields about a mile south of Nandagram. The cowherds were coming back into town – just then a dark, beautiful boy said to Babaji, “Babaji!  Where are you going?”
Babaji: “Lala, I’m going to Barsana.”
Boy: “No, Babaji!  Go back.”
Babaji: “No, Lala, I have lived in Nandagram for six years and haven’t gotten anything.”
Boy: “No, Babaji! You listen to me. Don’t you go.”
Babaji: “I won’t stay.  Get out of my way.”
But the boy stetched out his arms and stood in Babaji’s way.  Whichever way Babaji went, the boy blocked him with his two arms outstretched.   Then Babaji got mad and said, “Hey kid! What’s with this monkey business?”  Just then twilight set in.  The boy said, “Babaji!  But who will do my flower seva?”  When he said that, Babaji said, “Kid, who ARE you?”  Then he did not see the boy anymore, nor the cows and the calves.  Babaji Maharaj, weeping in anguish, rolled his body back and forth on the ground.  “Krishna!  You cheated me like this?  Ah!  I didn’t recognize you at all, I didn’t understand what you were saying!  Hey Dina-vatsal, lover of the wretched!  I am vile among men. Have mercy on me!”  In this mood, he returned to Nandagram at night, and cried all night long.  The Pujari received the instruction, “Look here!  Make sure Gaura Das does not abandon My flower seva.”  (Gaudiya Vaishnav Jivan, pgs. 82-83)


Sri Radha